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About Me

Hi, I'm David Okononfua.

I'm an innovative, detail oriented developer passionate about combining beautifully structured codes with nice interfaces and flawless functionalities. I develop and build web interfaces from simple landing pages to multi-paged web applications. My goal has always been to reconnect with craftmanship & efficiently utilize available tools and techniques to build high performant products and efficent systems.

I derive pleasure in learning new and better ways of doing things and building with efficient codes, Well what can I say, I sincerely love working on ambitious projects with positive people and look to explore the web3 and backend space more hoping to make a full switch.

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I had love to collaborate with other developers, designers, build teams and start-ups in real time.

  • FULLNAMEOkononfua David O
  • PHONE +234 9122307761
  • CITY Lagos City, Nigeria
  • EMAIL okononfuadavid@gmail.com

Sometimes I play around and write soft skill articles based on things I've learnt over the course of my career.


I use top level development methods. With the variety of technologies I work with, a strong attitude to follow and learn trending technologies and standards of the industry, you can be sure to get the very best.

Technologies and Skills

With proficiency in core Front-end technologies and wide-range experience in building web dynamic components. I build web applications and products using technolgies such as ReactJS, Redux, VueJS, Vanilla JavaScript, TypeScript, (S)CSS, NextJs, Astro, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Python, MongoDB, MUI, Vuetify and more.

Tools and packages

With emphasis on accessibility, Blueprints, On the Job, Building and Deployments. I use development tools like Git, Node Package Manager(npm), Github, Terminal, Firebase, GSAP, Netlify, Figma, Visual Studio, Chrome Dev Tools, Vercel, Jest, GFonts and amongst others.

My Projects

I use top level development methods

Intuitive and design minded, I strive to create beautifully structured web interface with seamless user experience and functionalities. Here are some of my projects, be sure to get the very best.

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  • App
  • Web

Paramount Students

Platform that helps in connecting students with the right Universities Abroad, Pursuing their Dream Education and Career Goal. All in one Service and App!

VueJs JS Vuex Vuetify PrimeVue

Talku Talku

Next-Gen Social Mini Communication platform for Inner circle Cliques and Pals. ChitChat, Send Pictures, Emojis and more to friends and foes.

TypeScript React socket.io MongoDB

Zapi AI

For businesses & developers offering a wide range of APIs and ML AI that helps automate processes, gain insights from data, and more.

TypeScript RTK Query React MUI Redux

Travel AirBnb

Airbnb UI clone and starter using Next.js and Styled-Components, Features include Todo: Search functionality and Mapbox integration.

NextJS ReactJS Styled-Components Mapbox-gl


Frontend based eCommerce shopping website with minimalistic functionalies, base loader, popup advert & glide sliders still in view.

Jquery CSS glide.js animate.css

Zuri Chat

ZuriChat is Slack for Africa made by Africans. It's a language agnostic app that makes team communication faster & easier with adds-on.

ReactJS Websockets (Centrifugo) NodeJS

Veta AI

VR and OpenAI Reality experience with VetaAI Home, Augmented Reality and sub platform for marketplace collectibles. Fully fledged Figma design converted to code in React.

ReactJS Material UI Figma Netlify

Versus Dashboard v2.0

Versus Admin. Is a Multipaged React Dashboard, featuring widgets, activity charts, data tables and paginations, user page, product page, blog, login and registeration.

ReactJS FakerJS ApexCharts MUI

The Palms

Offering luxury, cuisine and pleasure. This fictional crib is a four paged site built with style sheet and Jquery.

Netlify CSS animate.css JS Jquery

Other projects

I've also got some personal projects where I put into action some of the things I have recently learned:


Who is Vinyl Davyl?

Okononfua David

Frontend Developer

I'm a frontend software developer, passionate about solving problems with codes and transforming ideas from pixels to scalable products.

I create usable applications with user experience as a top priority using various web tools, languages and technolgies.



2020 - present

Software Developer

Under the software developers path at OpenClassrooms, I'm currently under a learning curve on advancing my development forte, learning solid technical expertise and maintaining an end user focus on web services, All under a developers Diploma program for software engineers.

University of Benin, Benin City

2018 - 2023

Bachelor of Eng

Bachelor of Engineering - BE. Majors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at University of Benin (In view).

Professional Experience


Jul 2023 - Present

Frontend Engineer

Royalti io

Jul 2023 - Sept 2023

Software Engineer(Contract)

Zummit Africa

Jun 2022 - July 2023

Frontend Engineer

  • Collaborated with backend developers and designers to create an API hub platform. This platform facilitates API discovery, creation, and management through a unified dashboard. Also streamlines the process of connecting APIs using code snippets and provides a testing environment.
  • Optimised performance of 400+ client-facing applications by reducing loading time by 50% and increasing page speed by 30% via refactoring codebase and implementing caching strategies.
  • Leveraged endpoints from backend developers for Implementation of CRUD operations and logic.
  • Facilitated in building and maintaining the official Zummit Africa web applications and services using ReactJS, TypeScript while working with Agile/SCRUM methodologies.
  • Managed state of API hub application using Redux Toolkit, and React Query, which reduced bounce rate by 20%.


Nov 2022 - Apr 2023

Software Engineer(Frontend)

  • Built internal tool CloudenlyHr, A fully customizable cloud-based solution that automates HR functions based on organisation needs, which generates 70% more leads via email capture forms.
  • Handled API integrations and Converted UI/UX designs to functional web application pages and mobile responsive code.
  • Co-Constructed and maintained the MVP dashboard and Project Nect(CMS) that powers the creation and management system on the platform.
  • Integrated real-time APIs and server-side web application logic to render data, Including charts and graphs, improving visualised efficiency by 40%.

Paramount Students

May 2022 - Nov 2022

Frontend Developer

  • Engineered with a team of 15 to develop a CRM system enabling schools to verify credentials, track student data and applications, resulting in over 300+ schools utilising the platform.
  • Liaised with the design team to develop an intuitive UI/UX resulting in a 20% decrease in user errors and increased user adoption.
  • Created a suite of automated tests using Jest and Enzyme that increased test coverage by 40% and reduced regression bugs by 25% in a team of 8.
  • Improved the application process by integrating high school verification into the admissions process, resulting in a 25% reduction in false documentation.

HNG Internships

Aug 2021 - Nov 2021

Frontend Developer

  • Consumed endpoints from backend developers in creating a file management plugin, cutting upload time and allowing users to import and retrieve data from the database in real time.
  • Worked with a team of 15 to develop and maintain web applications and services using mainly ReactJS, JavaScript, Websockets and Agile/SCRUM methodologies.
  • Collaborated with backend developers and designers to build a language debate, real-time team communication platform, Zuri-Chat! that went live (with over 3,500+ monthly visitors).
  • Optimised the features documentations while converting high-fidelity UI designs from Figma to responsive mobile code.

What I Offer

I value simplicity and clarity so I design easy to use and engaging interfaces for desktop and mobile, with an eye for detailed design, Color theory and psychology. Here are the services I offer:

Web Development

I create fast, beautiful, cost-effective and efficient websites and web applications with perfect scores in performance, SEO and best practices.


You can be rest assured of continous Integration and delivery at the fastest possible time frames without having to lose out on product quality.

State of the Art Solutions

I involve best practices regarding accessibility, security and usability resulting in appropriate design, secure websites and fast load times.

Let's build something together

You have got a finished design or an existing project and clear picture of how your web application or website should work? Or perhaps you are looking for a developer to collaborate with on your team?

Wherever you are, I would be happy to help! And if it seems very urgent, just put up a call!


Lagos State, Nigeria


+234 9122307761

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